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Continuing Education in Lincoln

The Heartland Lincoln Center offers a variety of classes for enrichment and professional development. 

Is there a class you want in Lincoln? Contact Kim with ideas! 

Kim Klingbeil / / 309-268-8427
  • This course will give you the information, strategies and the confidence you need to succeed on your college entrance exams.  You'll learn about the different types of questions and the best tactics for successfully answering them.  The workshop consists of four two-hour sessions which include discussions of test-taking strategies and reviews of English, math, reading and science reasoning skills.  You will have the opportunity to take practice tests, but will not sit for the exam in this session.  Please register for exams through your high school guidance couselor's office. 



    Meets: Mondays, 2/11 - 3/4 (4 sessions)

    Time: 5:00PM-7:00PM

    Location: Lincoln Campus

    Cost: $60

    Instructor: Michelle Ryan  


  • Employers look for individuals who demonstrate the ability to problem-solve outside the box.  In this class, we will examine your leadership and problem-solving preferences.  Using hands-on examples, you'll develop your strengths and target areas that need improvement.  Walk away with strategies for how to creatively and tangibly tackle your next unexpected problem.


    Meets: Monday, 3/18

    Time: 6:00PM-8:00PM

    Location: Lincoln Campus

    Cost: $19

    Instructor: Jennifer Keith 

  • Chances are, you've encountered Microsoft Excel in some capacity at work or at home: anything from data sorting to managing a personal budget.  But as powerful an organizational tool as this program is, it sure can feel overwhelming. Put Excel to work for you in this "tips and tricks" class, where you'll walk away with helpful, hands-on practice.  You will learn how to create and edit worksheets, use forumlas and functions, sort and filter data, and create basic charts and graphs. 


    Meets: TR, 2/26 and 2/28

    Time: 6:00PM-8:00PM 

    Location:  Lincoln Campus, Room 202

    Cost: $30

    Instructor:  Jennifer Keith 

Registration can be completed online or by visiting us at our new campus at 2201 Woodlawn Road!

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